Values & work principles

Work principles


Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance is the responsibility of all Salus employees. We respect the law and internal rules. We demand zero tolerance towards non-compliant operations and similar activities.

Customer first

We explore and acknowledge the wishes, needs and challenges of our customers, and trying to create the most appropriate solutions for them.

Goal-oriented focus

We strive to achieve business and personal plans and try to take full responsibility for each one’s department. We make decisions based upon professionalism and efficiency.

Commitment to continuous improvement

We constantly improve work techniques in accordance with the culture and the quality management system, thus creating added value for our stakeholders and achieving competitive advantage.

Employees development

We establish an organisational culture with a system of endurable values familiar to all employees in the Salus Group. We pay attention to internal communication and bringing values to all employees, quality onboarding, development in the workplace and career development in accordance with the individual’s potential.


We are guided by the responsibility towards work, owners, employees and the environment, as well as honesty towards business partners and colleagues. We are guided by the following values:


We need health for a happy and productive life. We are aware that health is an investment rather than a cost. We are also aware that human body and mind are priceless. We take care for our bodies with a healthy lifestyle. Through our work we strive to maintain the health of all people. We are guided by our motto – Human health is the supreme law.


We are proactive, we take the initiative, anticipate and prepare for planned business events. We take efforts to provide, identify and prevent problems. We look for new opportunities where we can expose our abilities and achieve excellent results. We are constantly looking for ideas to improve existing processes and procedures.


With great pleasure we take on new tasks and proceed them with high responsibility. . We fulfil what we promise. We stand behind our intentions, statements and actions as well as their consequences. We take responsibility for success and failure alike. We are not burdened with guilt but learn from our own mistakes.


We believe that integrity is key for true success in business and in life. We are honest, ethical and open in our relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and employees. We believe that honest and open relationships are based on trust. We are aware that we can only accomplish more through mutual trust.


We believe that balance between private and business life is important where the key element is family support. Fulfilment in the family, business and social environments is our key to happiness and satisfaction.


We create our corporate culture together. We respect and appreciate each individual, at the same time we believe that we are strong together although there are some different talents among us. We accept colleagues´ different opinions and always try to praise their achievements.

We create and foster a corporate culture where everyone feels accepted as they are. We respect and appreciate the authenticity of the individual and are aware that together, precisely due to our different personal traits, talents and abilities, we are invincible. We know how to listen to the opinions of the colleagues and commend their achievements.

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