Quality Management System

The quality management system is based on our quality policy.

Customer focus

The customer is first and central to our actions. Understanding their needs and expectations is a driving force behind our operations. We help the customer to meet their challenges. Emphasis is given to regional cooperation and partnership. We build long-term business relationships on trust and respect.

Corporate Compliance

We operate in accordance with the applicable legislation, standards and the company’s internal rules. Our motto is zero tolerance to non-compliant operations and pursuit of the highest moral and ethical standards. We identify the risks and opportunities and upgrade quality in healthcare. We are aware that a responsible attitude towards the wider society is of great importance.

High-quality services and products

We have established a Quality Management System that provides effective implementation of our processes and consequently the expected quality of products and services. Decisions are made on the basis of facts, knowledge and risk assessment. We have set measurable goals, the accomplishment of which signifies a great commitment.

Competent employees

The quality and compliance of our business operations depends on competence and employee engagement. Each employee assumes responsibility for the quality of their work. Our employees have the appropriate education, training, knowledge, skills and experience.

Commitment to continuous improvement

We develop a culture of quality and management systems, on the basis of which all employees contribute to continuous improvement. In this way, we create added value for our stakeholders and achieve a competitive advantage.
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