Marketing communication

The Salus Group provides support to pharmaceutical companies and other suppliers in the field of marketing communications, both with the professional public as well as the final customer.

Advertising on digital monitors (DiTab) in selected pharmacies

Advertising on digital monitors is a dynamic and interactive form of advertising in pharmacies, through which it is possible to highlight the product usability, while informing the end customer.

Static advertisements, videos or virtual shelves can be posted on digital monitors.

Salus+ magazine

Magazine dedicated to the professional pharmaceutical public delivers informative content and professional articles in the field of pharmacy and healthcare. Reliable and up-to-date information that is provided by professionals is available to the professional public and can be used as support in counselling.

The Salus+ magazine reaches a wide circle of the pharmaceutical public, since it is available in printed form and via the eSalus+ web portal. It is an excellent support as well as an additional sales channel for the Salus Group’s suppliers to achieve targeted markets by advertising their products.

The Salus+ prescription professional supplement which is an occasional supplement of the Salus+ newsletter is intended to inform the professional public about prescription medicinal products.


The Salus Group offers telemarketing services with a strong business support provided by experienced call centre sales team employees. We perform sales campaigns through day-to-day communication with Slovenian pharmacy chains, private pharmacies and specialised stores, which means that all promotions are carried out through everyday telephone conversations.

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