Salus Among the Largest Business Groups in 2019

Slovenian newspaper Časnik Finance published selection of 101 largest business groups and companies in Slovenia in 2019. We are happy and extremely proud to see that Salus Group is listed on 67th place and recognized as a biggest wholesaler of medicines on Slovenian market.

Last year we increased revenues by 37 percent, mainly due to the takeover of Sanolabor, while the reports also show organic sales growth. For this year, we plan similar revenues as last year, namely 350 million euros and 5.7 million euros of net profit.

These results show good work of all companies in Salus Group, which is the consequence of hard work, determination and passion of all our employees.
Together we are stronger in providing high-quality, efficient and safe supply of medicines and other products, even in current challenging situation.

Časnik Finance also published separate article dedicated only to Salus, link below:

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