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Legal notification

Use of website

For the purpose of this legal notice, the website is a term denoting all internet sites contained at the internet address (hereinafter: website).
By using the website the user confirms that he/she accepts and agrees with the following terms and conditions.

Management website

This website is provided by SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d..

Intellectual property rights

The owner of the website and holder of copyrights to all copyrighted materials in any way included in the website is SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d..

Limitation of liability

All information and materials contained in the website are strictly informative. SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d. shall strive to achieve optimal functioning of the website and to maintain correct and accurate information. Nevertheless, neither SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d., nor any other legal or natural person currently or previously involved in production of the website or its subsequent upgrades assumes any responsibility and provides no warranty as to uninterrupted use of the website and assumes no liability whatsoever for any damages arising from accessing, using or inability to use the website and for any errors or deficiencies in its content.
SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d. reserves the right to alter the website at any time without prior notice.

Limitation of the use of information and materials

SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d. assumes no responsibility for the form, content or currency of the sites in any way linked to the website SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d. assumes no liability whatsoever for use or visitation of linked websites.

Protection of personal data

Any information SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d. may gain from the website shall be collected solely for the internal use of SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d. and are protected by SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d. in full compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Cookies policy at

The cookies are small text files, sent by the Web site and stored in the Web browser (device), which accesses to the Web site. They are used in order to achieve better user's experiences. The Web site "remembers" you by means of cookies during the visit time (session cookies), or in the case of the repeated visit (persistent cookies). When the device returns to the Web site, the data, stored in a cookie can be communicated back to the Web site.

The cookies can be set by the Web site, visited by you (first party cookies), or they can be set by the other Web sites/services, presenting the contents on the site you are looking at (third party cookies) - for instance, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

Our Web site employs the following cookies:

Some cookies are indispensable for the operation of the Web site. Such cookies enable to the visitor the undisturbed use of the Web site. The Web site would not be able to operate correctly without these cookies.

  • Session cookie _PSAL_session
    It is created when the user opens a Web site, and enables us to remember the user's actions within the session time. The cookie is deleted, when the user closes the browser.
  • cc_analytics
    The cookie, where we store the user's consent for the employment of cookies for the analytics. The duration of a cookie is 2 year.

The cookies, which we employ for the enhancement of the user's experience. The information, obtained by cookies, help us to understand, how the visitors use the Web site, and based on the latter we decide about the functional and content adjustments.

Google analytics:

  • __utma
    The cookie is used to establish differences between individual users. Duration: 2 years.
  • __utmb
    The cookie is used for the determination of the new session or visit. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • __utmc
    The cookie is used for the conformity with the library urchin.js. The cookie is deleted, when the user closes the browser.
  • __utmz
    The cookie stores the information on the way, in which the user came to the site. Duration: 6 months.

You can change your settings at any time in Cookies usage settings.

SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d.