SALUS is one of the leading wholesalers of pharmaceutical, medical and related products in the Slovenian market. We have been successfully following our mission – care for the health and well-being of people living in Slovenia – for half a century.

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The welfare of the people is the supreme law, it is our mission and responsibility. The responsibility to the Slovenian society, fellow men, his health and well-being.

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We provide quality and safe medicine, medical devices and other pharmaceutical products that are accessible to anyone who needs them. With quality, efficient and undisturbed supply of pharmacies and other health and veterinary organizations, …

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The open door to art and memory
Retrospective of paintings from the legacy of the painter Silvo Mehle in Salus


Smiles on the faces
of vulnerable children, people with special needs, employees at Salus and our partners


Pharmacy without borders
The Glass heart of Stanislav Lukić reflects in Salus


In the service of pharmacy pharmacists
We are celebrating the 13th Slovenian Pharmacy Day


Waves of summer
Welcome to the painting exhibition of Željko Vertelj


Our guest
Vojko Gašperut Gašper


The World in Colours
The painter Emilia Erbežnik introduces herself


Our New Year's present
We support projects to help children in need and to help people with special needs


Magic Slovenian Winter
We opened a new art exhibition of artists who paint with their mouth or feet


The AAA Creditworthiness certificate goes to Salus
SALUS, Veletrgovina, d. o. o. ranks among the top 4.2 % of the best business entities in Slovenia


The interlacement of health care and art
On World Mental Health Day we are opening the doors to an art exhibition of The Nurse and Midwifery Organization of Ljubljana


Contribution to protecting the health
Institute for authentication of medicines in the fight against counterfeit medicines


The Eagle has landed
With László Herman into time of important steps of summer 1969


Catch the summer
We are hosting a painting exhibition of Erna Ferjanič


The first issue of Salus+ has been published, a new magazine for professional pharmaceutical public which comes out every two months


"I make a living by working with my legs"
On World Patient Day we are opening the door for the exhibition of Angela Medved's life's work


Children in need and fellow townsmen with special needs are getting our support
also in this year’s holidays, when we primary dedicate means New Year’s gifts funds to them. We thank all our business partners for their understanding.


Vedute of Ljubljana
by Štefan Brezovnik in the festive season at Salus


Finding energy at Salus
Welcome to the abundance of colourful glows of the painting exhibition of smoke trees by Vojko Gašperut Gašper


Medication and adverse reactions
Emphasized in care for proper and safe use of medication on 11th anniversary of the Slovenian Pharmacy Day


Summer freshness
We invite you to the exhibition of paintings by Jana Dolenc


Pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers - the vital link in healthcare
The important role of wholesalers in the supply of medicinal products is increasingly identified in public also


From winter to spring
with artists painting with their mouth or feet


For the welfare of people
we have donated the funds for New Year's gifts to the weak and those most in need. We thank all our business partners for their understanding.


Kidneys and medicine
We raise awareness together with our colleges from pharmacies


Among salt fields
We are enjoying the beautiful views and encouraging messages of the painter Vojko Gašperut Gašper


Shareholders, do not miss
Welcome to the 29th regular session of the general assembly of SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d.


Spring flowers
Hosting an art exhibition of 12 painters with disabilities who paint with their mouth or feet


Little big miracles at Salus
We have opened the painting exhibition of Matej Metlikovič


Views into the World
The new exhibition of Rafael Samec


Wholesaling management by SALUS, Veletrgovina, d. o. o.
In August 2013 we are starting to operate in the new company SALUS, Veletrgovina, d. o. o.


Reliable partner in pharmaceutical care
On the World Health Day we emphasize ...


Exhibition "Horses of Nevenka Gorjanc"
We are opening the exhibition »Horses of Nevenka Gorjanc«


Winter wonderland
We are hosting a painting exhibition of Vojko Gašperut Gašper's winter motives


Extended management board
The management of the company was entrusted to the president of the management board and member of the management board


Consult a pharmacist …
With a new achievement in concern of health and accessibility of pharmaceutical services we enriched the holiday of pharmacists on Slovenian Pharmacy Day


Interesting for the World
A reference visit from SII Schaefer with international participation


A fall welcome
Between the colorful flowers of Črtomir Frelih and little bears of Jože Tönig


The language of life
Benjamin Žnidaršič is introducing himself, an artist who paints with his mouth.


Telling stories on canvas
Hosting a retrospective oil paintings exhibition by a Slovenian painter Mihael Frass - Miki


Stepping hand in hand with sun into New Year
A new solar power station started operating on the roof of our new center.


Live from NEW SALUS
The construction of a NEW SALUS has been successfully completed, the administration and business sectors are already operating in our new office building.


Relieving the environment
Pharmacies are now supplied with carrier bags made of environmentally friendly material.


Committed to take care for health of all
At the World Day of The Sick we highlight our important and responsible social role as a reliable partner of both, the State as well as the Medical Institutions in taking care for health of the entire Slovenian population.


The New Salus is technologically equipped, communication & information infrastructure enables the connection of both locations.


The Slovenian Pharmacy Day
Our sincere congratulations go to all colleagues in pharmacies for making their responsible mission come true. We provide our support to the development of pharmacy proffession with pride and will coutinue to do so in the future.


The NEW SALUS already shows its face - you can follow the growth in PHOTO STORY
The construction of a new Salus bussines, warehouse and distribution centre at Litostrojska cesta in Ljubljana is well advanced. The building will soon be completely roofed.
We expect that the company will operating in new premises in the first half of next year.


Let's Stop the Flu
Knowledge is our strongest defence.


Celebrations and new investments
The first half of the jubilee year was crowned by celebrations of four decades of our story of success and the opening of a new chapter. Salus has invested in a new business, storage and distribution center – NEW SALUS.


New acquisition for the Slovenian market
From May of this year the internet database of pharmaceuticals and medicinal products is available, managed by NENSI, družba za obdelavo in vzdrževanje podatkovnih baz o izdelkih, d.o.o. The company was co-founded by Salus, Ljubljana, d.d.


Tradition of successful operation continues
The past year was a great success for one of the first joint stock companies in Slovenia. The global financial crisis had no direct effect on the operation of SALUS, Ljubljana, d.d. in 2008 and no major effects are forecasted for the future.


Turn of the decade
Spring days mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Salus, the Slovenian pharmaceutical wholesaler. We are marking the turn of another decade of operation with a thorough renovation of our website.



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SALUS, Ljubljana, d. d.
SALUS, Veletrgovina, d. o. o.
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The Salus company was established in the spring of 1969. Today, the company is proud to continue the work of all the generations of employees who contributed their knowledge, skills and commitment to cooperation with numerous local and foreign business partners and achieved five decades of constant growth, business success and reputation.